Monday, June 8, 2009

N. Korea arresting the reporters for illegally crossing the border is no worse than us jailing people for drug possesion or obscenity..

both are bs...and that one reporter is lucky she is related to a famous panda..its getting this more coverage

(photos: top Laura Ling, bottom Ling Ling)

Hey Gays - your buddy Obama is really looking out for you

as per Obama's request - the supreme court today upheld gays being kicked out of military for being gay ...and Obama continues to be AGAINST gays being allowed to marry..what a fine upstanding fellow

Friday, June 5, 2009

...while touring the remains of Buchenwald concentration camp today

Obama finds a bag containing 13 mill uncounted ballots...making Pat Buchanan the new senator from Minnesota...

...oops...Gore gets N. Korea to agree to

execute the reporters by hanging instead of electric chair, to lessen the environmental impact

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fuck what they said about me today..I am NOT an amoeba!..I am multicellular and anyone with a fucking microscope, I will prove it to you..furthermore

I am fine in saltwater or freshwater..also, to clear up other misinformation that has been said about me..a couple of weeks ago when there was a discussion on the show about who believes in god and who doesnt..Fred for some reason said that I absolutely believe in God..I asked him of air why he said that, he said he was just fucking with me...I do NOT have a definite belief in God..I do believe there MAY be something, but I also believe there may not be any overall intelligent conscious controlling force ...and even if there is whether we should worship it or whether we are part of not neccesarily inherent

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sometimes I get really worried about whether I should buy ankle length socks or instead calf length socks

other times I get really worry that I am going to die and cease to exist for all eternity (god forbid, take it back tst tst tst)