Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WAY TO GO BLACK PEOPLE!!!! - today is your day!

Inauguration observations -

I was in office and 90% of people's eyes glued to tv...I wonder if a lot of people around the country worried like me - that if you left in middle of speech you looked racist...

When I walked back to newsroom and everyone in room seemed to be watching the speech except High Pitch Mike - I involuntarily thought 'racist' (even though I dont really think he is)

Any chance Cheney in wheelchair, to get sympathy?..even in wheelchair - there is something really scary about that guy - like if you cross him - you're thru

Are there any actual locks on White House doors? Does Bush give his set of keys to Obama? Do they change the locks? Does Bush leave a set under the mat?

If Bush refused to physically leave the White House - would they have to go thru an actual eviction process?

maybe I was just reading into it - but during the moment when Obama and Bush together right before Bush left - the thought on Michelle's mind towards Bush seemed to be "Get the fuck out already"