Friday, May 29, 2009

its not my fault that I am fat, 2 big black men grabbed me, duct taped me down and have been force feeding me for 18 years

now you know the truth, I am typong this with my nose that why often typos...blaming blacks even better than using diabetes as an excuse

laying on a scrap of blanket covering a mattress reading about how to throw things out hard to throw things out..I was trying to go thru a box of phone #'s tonight..threw out Doug Goodstein's # at least 30 times,,not that I have anything against Goodtein, just I know his # by heart and I know for a fact its in my address book..Gange's cell # is a different I have it typed in online? ...too lazy to check so I keep the scrap with his # on it..if it was one scrap fine..but there are a million like it...what about Berkowitz - he used to work with us at E...what about this scrap with Radzinskis # on it ...what about this scrap that says I spent 37 that I was supposed to be reimbursed for that I never got reimbursed..what about some chick I met in vegas last year when Christy and I went there and I have part of her email address on a scrap so fucking overwhelming to throw shit out..oh and this scrap reminds me of time I sat in bathroom to get to LA for free..and heres an amtrak ticket that I was supposed to turn in 11 years ago to get money back..maybe if I mail it in I can still get the money back ..I am a fucking filer my whole fucking life is fiing..I hate it I love empty rooms with nothing...I want to live in an empty room with a desk and a computer and 2 or 3 outfits

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why are black people kidnapping white people and releasing them in Disney World?

I asked 3 different black people today and they all claimed they knew nothing about it..sure

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

new supreme court nominee is not that hot :(

She has a pleasant face and a nice smile and I think good teeth..but really she just isnt all that hot..I am not sure if they have released body shots yet, maybe that will be better, but I dont have my hopes up :(

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


when you need a good excuse, tell people you are diabetic...a lot of people have it, so its believable and most people dont understand diabetes enough to question your reasoning