Sunday, April 5, 2009

Should I return the hockey shirt to Jim McClure and should I give Tim back the empty glass bottle from the juice he gave me

I am really bad at throwing things out. A few months ago, I wrote about how excited I was that Jim McClure told me he had a black hockey shirt that he was getting rid of and wanted to know if I wanted it..I said sure..I've always wanted another hockey shirt and a black one seemed perfect..he gave it to me, I took it home, excitedly tried it on..ends up I dont really like it..I have been confused for months as to what to do with it, I am considering tomorrow (Monday) to bring it back to the office and see if Jim wants it back...

the other day, Tim and I were talking about his juices, he asked me if I wanted to try one.. I was curious, but at first declined as I felt maybe he only had a very limited amount of the bottles, Tim heartily insisted..and I took one..the juice was in this pretty glass 16 ounce's my confusion -I finished the bottle, enjoyed the cucumber juice (if you are curious as to what cucumber juice tastes like - it tastes like cucumbers)

printed on the bottle it says "return for $2.00 refund", should I return the bottle to Tim, so he can get the refund (assuming he collects all his bottles and does so anyway) or should I just throw out the bottle and get on with my day