Sunday, February 15, 2009

in college, Jon Daitch was a fraternity brother of mine and a roommate at my girlfriend and I lay in 1 loft and Daitch in another - Jon would sometimes play this album and we would all wear hoods and sing ..Jon was later a roommate in ny -not exactly a roommate - as there were 4 people in 1 room (one of them is now Jon's wife - Maryse)..then I moved to L.A. for a year, then back to NY and I lived on Jon and Maryse and Rob's couch for several weeks..Jon helped me put together a resume, I applied to the show - then I headed to live in the parks and waited to hear back from the resume..I did, and the rest is history ..anyway Jon is one of the most creative talented people I know/who also has the ability to get things done - he can play keboards by ear..the way I am talking it sounds like Jon is dead - godforbid, take it back tsst tsst tsst - but thankfully he is alive - I consider him one of my closest friends - anyway - he liked ELO..